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B2B Solutions

In a world where transport and goods flow across borders, demand quick and effective handling,  Color Line Cargo has developed a system that enables us to declare large and complex declarations in a fast, secure and easy manner.

With  a B2B solution (data transfer customs clearance), we can make all kinds of customs papers, regardless of transport mode, destination and border crossing.
When using a B2B solution, most of the data used for the customs clearance is delivered directly from the supplier/shipper. The higher quantity of data in the transfer, leads to a simple customs clearance process, with a high degree of security.
Customs clearance with a B2B Solution may advantageously be used by:

  • Customer’s with regular and daily transport.
  • Customers with declarations with many goods items and demanding tariffs.

How does it work

  • The company prepares, in cooperation with Color Line Cargo, a data file to be used for customs clearance.
  • The file is adapted to the individual businesses, in a specific format.
  • Color Line Cargo offers 3 types of B2B solutions, which can be adapted according to corporate needs.
  • With a B2B solution, we are able to create customs documents in all involved countries at once.
  • Documents or customs references are sent electronically to your preferred recipient.

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