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Vehicle freight

Color Line Cargo transport over 10.000 vehicles, camping cars and caravans every year to and from Norway.  Now we can also offer approval of vehicle inspection by the Public Road Administration.

If you are importing a caravan, car or another vehicle to Norway, there are some steps you should check before you come through a manned border, and stop by the Red Zone.  If you want to import units unaccompanied, your supplier can deliver the vehicle to one of our harbors with an export declaration and an invoice copy, and we will handle the rest from there.  We guarantee fast, reliable and damage free transport of your vehicles. 

How to:

  • Check with the Public Road Administration which technical requirements that apply to the vehicle for it to be registered.
  • Check if there are any export restrictions.
  • Cultivate an export declaration.
  • Purchase temporary number plates from a Public Roads Administration traffic station. The Public Roads Administration will require documentation of the chassis number in order to issue temporary number plates (You can use foreign-registered number plates for up to 30 days after the vehicle has been cleared through customs.).
  • Contact your nearest Color Line Cargo office and inform them about when and where you are crossing the border.
  • Send a copy of your documents (invoice, COC) to Color Line, so we can prepare your custom documents.
  • If you arrive to Norway with a Color Line ferry, consult the Cargo office to pay VAT (MVA) and any greenhouse gas charge (air condition fee).
  • If you arrive a border not related to a Color Line harbor, we can send you the necessary custom information by mail or phone, and the needed documents by post.
  • Used vehicles must be inspected at a Public Road Administration traffic station. It is mandatory to bring the original vehicle carts, and the COC document.
  • You must also bring the form entitled “Declaration for tax calculation and registration - form NA-0221” which you receive from Color Line during customs clearance.
  • If wanted, Color Line can take care of your vehicle approval. The Public Road Administration is inspecting vehicles at our harbor in Oslo every Monday. After the inspection we will send you the necessary information needed to pay the one-off registration tax and collect your new license plates at your local Public Road Administration.