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Hirtshals - Kristiansand/Larvik

SuperSpeed 1 and SuperSpeed 2 service the route between Denmark and Norway. These ships are designed to meet the challenges of a changing transport market.

The crossing takes 3 hours and 15 minutes between Hirtshals and Kristiansand and 3 hours and 45 minutes between Hirtshals and Larvik.

Booking information

Contact us by phone:

Denmark: +45 99 56 19 55
Norway: +47 22 94 44 44

Contact us by email:

Port information

Color Line Cargo can handle almost every cargo unit including RoRo, containers, single cars, caravans, buses, camping units and special machines on own wheels or mafi.

We can also handle most of your IMDG inqueries, so please do not hesitate to contact our booking team to help you find the right departure, and the best possible solution to your transport requirements.

  • Hirtshals

    Address: Fergeterminalen Norgeskajen 2, 9850 Hirtshals
    GPS: N57° 35.54', E009° 58.0048'
    Contact us by phone: +45 99 56 19 55
    Contact us by email:
    Opening hours: 
    Monday–Saturday: 0800–2230
    Sunday: 0930–2230 

  • Kristiansand

    Address: Venstre standgate 31, 4662 Kristiansand
    GPS: N58° 8.6692', E007° 59.4909'
    Contact us by phone: +47 21 04 18 53
    Contact us by email:
    Opening hours:
    Monday: 0700–0800 (if 0800 departure), 1400–1600 and 2300–0100
    Tuesday–Saturday: 0600–0800, 1400–1630 and 2300–0100
    Sunday: 0700–0800, 1400–1630 and 2300–0100

  • Larvik

    Address: Revet 8, 3263 Larvik
    GPS: N59° 2.4001', E010° 2.9368'
    Contact us by phone: +47 21 04 18 52
    Contact us by email:
    Opening hours: 
    Monday–Friday: 1000–1730
    Saturday–Sunday: 1200–1800

    Nighttime: 0000–0800

Latest attendance prior to departure
Accompanied units: 1 Hrs.
Not accompanied units: 2 Hrs. 

Color Line will not guarantee confirmed space for units that are presented closer to departure then the deadline given above.

Special cargo

Longer, wider or heavier than usual? Color Line takes the freight off your shoulders with the capability to transport a wide range of over dimensioned units.

SuperSpeed 1 and SuperSpeed 2 are suitable for handling all kinds of special cargo, and our well trained personnel have a long experience in handling or assisting accompanied or unaccompanied trailers, vehicles, machines, cranes or groupage always in terms of safety, on-time and damage free.

The following measurements apply to our ships between Denmark and Norway

SuperSpeed 1 to Kristiansand

Max width: 4,80
Max hight: 4,55

SuperSpeed 2 to Larvik

Max width: 4,60
Max hight: 4,55