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Transport of livestock with Color Carrier

If your cargo has wheels, belts or legs – Color Carrier can carry.

The best part of RoRo- shipping is the flexibility to ship different varieties of cargo, whether it is trailers, machines or livestock.

Color Line Cargo has recently completed a two-time shipment of an alpaca herd from Norway to Germany with Color Carrier. The client was an alpaca breeder who was moving his business from Norway to Belgium and reached out to Color Line for assistance.

Revenue and customs department worked closely with the client prior to departure to ensure a successful operation.

Shipping livestock is a delicate matter. First, it is important to ensure that animal welfare is adhered to. Secondly, there must be a good dialogue with the crew onboard, and those involved in the operation must be informed. Lastly, good weather and prepared customs documents are crucial to secure a successful operation.

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Color Line also have a set of rules and procedures that one must follow

  • Larger animals must be booked by the cargo department and transported in an appropriate carriage fit for the purpose.
  • Veterinary papers, passport and other necessary documentation must be brought and presented at check-in. One must also declare documents at customs in Norway and Kiel.
  • If the weather is unstable, the captain will make the final call to decide if it is safe to bring animals on board.
  • The alpacas got first-hand treatment with a special place on weather deck close to living quarters, so their owner could check on them regularly with assistance from crew.

 Both departures from Oslo were successful.