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Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

Color Line continue to follow government advice on the Coronavirus in Norway, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Important information

Changed sailing plan for M/S Color Carrier

From Tuesday 25/01, Carrier will follow this sailing plan:

Mondays: Arrival Oslo 11:00
Tuesdays: Departure Oslo-Kiel 10:00
Wednesdays: Arrival Kiel 06:00, Departure Kiel-Oslo 11:00
Thursdays: Arrival Oslo 07:00, Departure Oslo-Kiel 12:00
Fridays: Arrival Kiel 08:00, Departure Kiel-Oslo 13:00
Saturdays: Arrival Oslo 09:00, Departure Oslo-Kiel 14:00
Sundays: Arrival Kiel 10:00, Departure Kiel-Oslo 15:00

Mandatory registration of arrival to Norway

All persons arriving in Norway must register with their personal information prior to arrival (e.g. name, contact details, where you will quarantine and employer details where applicable). This also applies to cargo drivers. 

As a cargo driver you have to check the box for “exception from quarantine.”  When asked for a post code for where you will be staying, please provide the post code for where you will be unloading most of your cargo. Register digitally here  After registration you will receive a receipt that you have to present at the border control.  More information can be found here.


On board we have certain restrictions to some public areas and facilities, and its required to wear a facemask already from Car-deck.
Restrictions for SuperSpeed 1
Restrictions for SuperSpeed 2

New office and advisory procedures for our Kiel operations

Color Line will insource part of our Cargo operations in Kiel from the 1st of November 2021. Color Line’s own staff will handle expedition, Cargo Sales, Cargo operations, and within the following months Customs Clearance services as well. Our long-term partner Sartori & Berger will still handle the stevedore services and be responsible for loading and discharging the vessels. Please see info here

Department- and Operations Manager in Kiel; Marina Scharbatke
Telephone +49 431 90871571 or Mobile: + 49 172 4152432


Drivers on board

Transport Companies operating to and from countries and areas mentioned in the regulator notes from the authorities, will be allowed to board Color Line ships provided certain mandatory conditions.

The company/driver must provide company documentation complying with set routines and actions in order to avoid corona virus contamination.
The driver must fill in a short questionnaire related to company routines at our counters

Valid documentation will be guidelines and action plans given by the Transport Company to the individual driver with instructions how to act and behave to prevent spreading of the corona virus.

Please send us your valid documentation

Preventive measures on board

Easily accessible hand disinfection.
Regular disinfection of all contact points, like railings, elevator buttons and door handles.
Emergency procedures will immediately be employed on board and on land in case of
reasonable suspicion of an outbreak.
Color Line follows recommendations and information provided by the European Centre for Disease
Prevention, as well as the public health authorities of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.
Read more about our safety measures

SuperSpeed 1: Temporarily changes in on board services

Business class: The aft part is reserverd for cargo drivers.
Buffet restaurant: Temporarily closed. All meals will be served in our Café, Fly Me to the Moon.
Bluefins Kitchen: Temporarily Closed.
Café Fly Me to The Moon: Open as usual. Will serve warm and cold dishes.
Shops: Temporarily changes in opening hours, see more information on board. Fashion shop is temporarily closed.
Bluefins Bar: Temporarily Closed.

SuperSpeed 2: Temporarily changes in on board services

Business class and Sleeping Zone: Sleeping Zone and Business Class are closed. Limited number of cabins on the 2215 departure, but deck chairs in Voyager Class can be reserved free of charge at the reception.
Buffet restaurant: Closed. All meals will be served in our Café, Fly Me to the Moon.
Café Fly Me to The Moon: Open as usual. Will serve warm dishes. Food coupons can be bought in the reception on deck 7.
Shops: Temporarily changes in opening hours, see more information on board. Fashion shop is temporarily closed.
Casino: Temporarily Closed.
Bluefins Bar: Temporarily Closed.

Preventive measures for travellers

- Your behaviour counts!

Proper hand hygiene, washing your hands with soap and water, both when travelling and in order to prevent infection.
Use alcohol-based hand disinfection when you cannot wash your hands with soap and water.
Avoid contact with sick people, especially those showing symptoms of respiratory problems.
Avoid coughing on others, wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, and avoid travelling when sick.

Information for our guests

Everyone travelling from areas where corona infections have been verified AND who is showing respiratory symptoms, coughing or fever must contact their doctor or A&E immediately BEFORE travelling there in person.

Telephone number for Norwegian A&E: 116 117

Face mask in Denmark and on board SuperSpeed

From 22.08. the Danish authorities have introduced requirements for the use of mouth-nose protection in Danish public transport. This means that wearing a face mask is obligatory during the entire journey.
Please instruct your drivers to bring their own face mask. It can also be bought on board.

Report suspicion / confirmed case of COVID-19

Color Line is obliged to ensure that our passengers can comply with quarantine rules. See our guidelines for guest travelling to Norway from abroad here.

Infection-preventing habits

Advice from Norwegian Institute of Public Health:

A paper tissue

Over your mouth and nose protects others when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue away immediately. Then wash your hands.

Use a flexed elbow

When you cough or sneeze and do not have a tissue handy.

Wash your hands

Thoroughly and often, particularly when around other people.

Hand disinfectant

With alcohol based products is a good alternative when you are unable to wash your hands, for example while travelling.


Change or cancel your booking

To change or cancel your booking reservation, you have to contact our customer service centre (+ 47 22 94 44 44). Please have your booking number ready.