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Claims handling

Cargo Units transported under Waybill

To ensure an efficient and smooth process the claim must consist of the following information/documentation:

  • Name of the carrying vessel
  • Shipping route/date
  • Date of damage
  • Unit/trailer registration/chassis no.
  • Description of event/damages
  • Any shipping/freight documentation
  • Copy of signed damage/survey report
  • Any pictures/images
  • Copy of the paid repair invoice and / or documented estimate of the repair / replacement costs
  • Written confirmation that paid charges are not demanded or paid by another party

Once all required documentation has been received, the claim will be considered in accordance with the current Terms of Transport and the Norwegian Maritime Code of 24.6.1994 no. 39 which regulates liabilities and conditions between Color Line (as carrier) and the cargo customer.

Valid claims will only be accepted where:

  • it can be clearly demonstrated that the loss or damage occurred while the cargo unit was in Color Line’s custody.
  • the loss or damage was caused by a fault or neglect by Color Line, its servants or agents.

It should also be noted that:

  • Color Line as the carrier is entitled to limit their liability and reject any liability that legally can be excluded under the Norwegian Maritime Code.
  • The claimant is obliged at all times to mitigate losses.
  • The processing time may be longer time during National Holidays, peak seasons and / or if it is necessary to obtain additional information.

A written confirmation will be sent when the claim has been processed.

It is only in cases where the claim has been accepted that we will request necessary bank/payment details, or the issuance of an invoice for payment of accepted costs ex vat (it should be noted that claims in connection with transport damages is not considered as turnover according to the Norwegian VAT Act § 1‐3 and must therefore be claimed tax‐free).

Information will also be supplied regarding the correct invoice receiver / invoice address / our reference etc. for full and final settlement.

Color Line Marine AS
c/o Claims Department

Color Line Marine AS, PO Box 2090, N‐3202 Sandefjord, Norway

Tel.: 08110/+47 22 94 44 00
E‐mail: Enterprise/VAT No 961 592 720


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