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Customs Service

At Color Line Cargo, we have more than 30 years of experience in transportation and customs clearance of goods. Optimising and developing our procedures are continuously a focus point in order to produce and deliver customs clearance documents on time, at the highest quality to most affordable prices. At our departments in Hirtshals, Kiel, Oslo and Svinesund, we meet requests from manufactures, carries as well as private customers.

Our customs clearance service has been centralised in Hirtshals, however both in Hirtshals, Kiel, Oslo and Svinesund customs clearance experts serve our customers with customs clearance documents. Besides the three offices mentioned above, customers can address our front desks in Kristiansand, Larvik, Sandefjord and Strömstad if needed.

In order to accommodate our customers’ customs clearance requests, we customise our solutions. A customised solution allows Color Line Cargo to integrate information provided by the customer into our customs program increasing efficiency and becomes therefore a significant advantage. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our offices. At Color Line Cargo our customs specialists will always be able to assist you in order to customise the most affordable and less time-consuming customs clearance solution. 

Standard customs clearance 
A standard customs clearance solution will specially be interesting for smaller customers who only occasionally ship goods to and from Norway. Private customers will always make use of this service. A standard customs clearance solution will be associated with a great extent of manual keying.

Your Customs Clearance Partner - Color Line Cargo
Customs Clearance Solutions
Color Line Cargo Svinesund
Your Customs Clearance Partner - Color Line Cargo Svinesund

Integrated customs clearance
An integrated customs clearance solution can be beneficial for customers who export shipments with a relatively large number of products on each invoice. In such cases, the integrated customs solution will optimise the process in comparison with the standard customs clearance solution by limiting the time, the forwarding agent uses on manual keying.

Customised integrated customs clearance
A customised integrated customs clearance solution can be an advantage for larger customers who have many transports each day/week/month.

If a customised integrated customs clearance solution is applied, Color Line Cargo will in collaboration with the customer design a concept that will optimise the process and ensure an effective border crossing

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Order Customs documents

Click here to order customs documents. After submitting the form one of our forwarding agents will contact you.


Color Line have, since 9th of July 2010, been AEO certified on customs simplifications/security and safety. Therefore we work diligently to maintain this quality mark from the EU/SKAT, and have continuously focused on education and the quality of our work. With this approval we can offer our customers a range of benefits, including priority customs clearance at the customs office, less physical- and document based custom controls, customs simplifications, simplified transition to fallback procedure etc.